Artist Statement

My work focuses on themes of memory, time and the fragility of human connection. Dead trees, tree stumps, tree fragments found at lumber yards and in woods all become vehicles for the content. Trees mark time; they serve as a metaphor for the life cycle, symbols of dormancy and growth, strength and renewal. The record of their lives is held in the rings. This history remains hidden from view, the way that humans hold within the physical, mental and emotional marks of personal experience. I choose media where traces of the process remain in the work. Mirror shards pierce through wood; wood is burned, scarred, drilled through; pieces of paper inscribed with text are dipped in wax, scrolled and spill from wood crevices; metal is oxidized and abraded with chemicals; images are altered, and hand printed.  These methods allow me to layer imagery much the way human perception and memories are formed. I embed, layer, deconstruct, and reassemble images, approximating how people revisit and reconstruct memories and convey visually, the archeological act of recollection.

Recently, my work has become more immersive and expanded into installation. I include audio layered with the sculptural work, and nine foot tall hanging, hand printed Asian paper panels through which the viewer walks, and whose movement activates the piece. 
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